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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #33 / Going Back Into the Big Tree

From Lynn Margulis we have learnt that symbiogenesis is obligatory for evolution (and the origin of life). Her scientific findings propose other ways of viewing our living Earth and the tree of life than those of our traditional human-centered western perspective. With this knowledge, can we better embrace images and stories of the Yanomani culture?

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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #30 / Patterns of Collective Learning – Working on Ecological Struggles

During the last two sessions, reading together in the ‘Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet‘ anthology, we started our exchange on ecological loss and grief in general. Now, not only ecological but all kinds of societal changes are omnipresent due to Covid-19. With so many uncertainties and questions in mind, let’s turn to ecologies for inspirations in our thinking and doing:
“Although we have only just begun to understand collective behaviour in a few systems, we already see analogies in the forms of collective behavior used by neurons, other types of cells, and ant colonies. This suggests to me that the number of forms of collective behavior used in different systems is not infinite, and so there is some hope if we look at ecologies associated with the forms of collective behavior, we will see trends.” [Deborah M. Gordon]

Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #26 – An Oceanic Worldview Reading Seascapes

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Last time we met, we became aware that forests are burning around the equator. On the raft of the Floating University we read about xapiri (images of mythological animal ancestors) trying to imagine a Yanomani worldview of the Brazilian Amazon. Why imagining an oceanic worldview? No forests could exist without the dust from the deserts, without the winds and oceans.