Harvesting and Futurecasting

Arts Collaboratory Assembly 2023:

With a smile and full hearts, we look back on ten inspiring days emphasised the vital role of constellations of resistance, solidarity, and radical imagination in and through the arts. The Assembly has once again shown us the importance of alternative and critical forms of networking, a fruitful model to collectively shape radical alternative presents and futures to come.

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Feeding on Light / Book launch

Humans and caterpillars alike are part of networks of organisms that consume the matter composed by glucose molecules, eating organic compounds, making use of the value of food, eating one another, passing on energy to one another.

Sina Ribak, An Encounter With Leaves

Please join the Berlin release of Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky’s artist book Feeding on Light published by Roma Publications, Amsterdam on Saturday October 7, 2023, at Zabriskie Buchladen für Kultur und Natur. Eva’s wonderful book features my essay An Encounter With Leaves.

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What is a river?

Is legal personhood a tool to protect the rights and wellbeing of entities of more-than-human-nature? Are “rights of nature” able to halt destructive profit-driven extractivist actions? Or is the granting of rights yet another anthropocentric move?

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OO [Open Occulto] // Session 5

OO [Open Occulto] is a public gathering organized by the editorial team of Occulto for contributors, readers, colleagues, old and new friends, and keen strangers. Occulto is an independent magazine that brings together sciences, humanities and arts, with an inclination towards natural and formal sciences and their (cultural) histories.

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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #45

What kind of education is needed to take care of the climate and to put climate justice into place? Working at the intersection of art and ecology in Berlin, we must acknowledge that western colonial knowledge systems dominate the climate discourse and the education system. Join our public collective reading session outside of the academy.

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Book Presentation: “Radical Futurisms” with T.J. Demos

How might we decolonize the future, and cultivate an emancipated chronopolitics in relation to an undetermined not-yet? If we are to avoid climate emergency’s cooptation by technofixes, and the defuturing of multitudes by xenophobic eco-fascism, Demos argues, we must cultivate visions of just futurity and multispecies flourishing.

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