Learning with the More-Than-Human @DocFest Exchange

Skill in living, awareness of belonging to the world, delight in being part of the world, always tends to involve knowing our kinship as animals with animals…our fellowship as creatures with other creatures, things with other things.

Ursula K. Le Guin

In this online workshop, we will collectively develop an awareness of the more-than-human worlds around us. Practising attentiveness to life at all scales, we will see what other ways of knowing, doing, becoming and relating can be possible when we detach ourselves from an anthropocentric perspective.

Hosted by Alen Ksoll, Jamie Allan, Ko-Fan Lin, Sina Ribak on Zoom.

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As part of the workshop, we will go on an audio walk and make kin with mosses, soil, fungi, trees and rocks, turning our local ecologies into a shared dwelling for everyone.

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image credit: Ronja Koman