Kiosko at gala Fest / Autumn Equinox

Kiosko was part of the 10-year anniversary celebrations of Green Art Lab Alliance – gala – end of September 2022. The “gala fest” took place at Pollinaria, an organic farm running an artist residency program in rural Abruzzo, Italy, that hosted the gala members to mark its 15th birthday.

During the Equinox weekend, new and old gala partners and other friends working at the intersection of art, ecology and regenerative agriculture in different parts of the globe finally met in-person during a 3-day festival in Italy. Partners learnt about one of the first gala projects at Pollinaria: the „Consortium Instabile“ – an experimental architecture, radio, research and public programme establishing a consortium of seed custodians and agents of rural regeneration co-created by Futurefarmers and Pollinaria since 2014. Pollinaria is an organic farm and research organisation cultivating innovative, integrated work in the fields of art, agriculture and ecology.

Being part of Kiosko, my excitement to participate in this gala gathering is about sharing knowledge and visions with the gala partners and meeting them for the first time. In particular, getting to know the work of some of the Latin American partners – Estudio Nuboso, Panama; Fundación Mar Adentro, Chile; Cocina Colaboratorio, Mexico – is important for Kiosko to become more actively entangled in the gala network. The collective update of the gala manifesto, the stories and learnings, give inspirations for future strategies.

22-25 September, 2022, Abruzzo, Italy