Book Presentation: “Radical Futurisms” with T.J. Demos

How might we decolonize the future, and cultivate an emancipated chronopolitics in relation to an undetermined not-yet? If we are to avoid climate emergency’s cooptation by technofixes, and the defuturing of multitudes by xenophobic eco-fascism, Demos argues, we must cultivate visions of just futurity and multispecies flourishing.

On Saturday 17 June at 7pm, author T.J. Demos will present his new book “Radical Futurisms. Ecologies of Collapse, Chronopolitics, and Justice-to-Come” (Sternberg Press) at Zabriskie Buchladen.

The presentation is in English and will be moderated by Sina Ribak (Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club). Admission is free.

T. J. Demos is an award-winning writer on contemporary art, global politics and ecology. He is Professor in Art History, Department of the History of Art and Visual Culture, as well as founder and director of the Center for Creative Ecologies at University of California, Santa Cruz. His research focuses on the intersection of visual culture, radical politics and political ecology, particularly where art, activism and visual culture oppose racial, colonial, and extractive capitalism, and where they work towards social, economic and environmental justice.