Cosmogrammatic – a conversation with fictopus by Constanza Mendoza

fict facting gathering story poetic worldingImage (c) Fictopus

A*Desk resident editor Constanza Mendoza approaches her topic “Poetic Recodification of Collective Imagination” through a relational practice of conversations. One of the three collectives that Constanza spoke to for this research is Fictopus. With Fictopus we conversed about cosmos, grammar, ficting and facting. Read Cosmogrammatic.

Fictopus is a multidisciplinary research collective, its members weaving their respective practices of non-linear, multiperspective and speculative storytelling. They bring together the independent but connective thinking of the arms of an octopus, centered around questions of ficting and facting, modes of learning and unlearning, and more than human worlding.
Fictopus are Filippo Bertoni, Alice Cannavà, Chiara Garbellotto, Constanza Mendoza, Sybille Neumeyer und Sina Ribak.