Around a Tree

Image: Jonathan Colin

What can plants teach us? “Around a Tree” – a project initiated by Fernando Arias, James Richardson, Jonathan Colin, Lucia Lohmann, Mateo Suarez, Miguel Navas, Paola Pérez, Sina Ribak – wants to learn about the work of Plant Science research how it can contribute to understand better the relations of plants and climate change.

The delegates of the Irish Plant Science Annual Meeting, IPSAM (Cork, Ireland) conference are invited to respond to questions related to plants, the climate and humans. Their voices will be part of wider conversations on climate change, where scientific concerns meet artistic senses, linking the community in responsible actions for the care of the biosphere.

At forthcoming international conferences (Association for Tropical Biology Conservation in Kigali and the International Botanical Congress in Madrid) we will hold round table activities, open to the general public, that encourage discourse. We will then compile the videos for presentation alongside forthcoming COP conferences and other events at which climate change is a central theme.

Irish Plant Scientists’ Association Meeting IPSAM
Cork, Ireland 17th – 18th June 2024.

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