What about Bug Rights?

This walk through Hasenheide is an invitation to practice kinship as a way to approach the idea of nature rights. Environmental laws are based on a binary concept of nature separate from the human.

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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #49

life of soils

Have you been into composting lately? Making soil definitely is a good idea. We also ask what soil is. Soil is home to 90% of the world’s fungi, 85% of plants and more than 50% of bacteria – and 59% of life overall, a recent study says. Let’s look closer at soil organisms through the art and science practice of a microbiologist, who brings the tiniest soil world to light.

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Art, Biopolitics, and Networks with Care

Book launch Art Laboratory Berlin

MATTER OF FLUX is a unique project that combines micro views on the cellular level with macro perspectives on more-than-human ecologies. The project is based upon the careful network creation of research hives.

Regine Rapp (Art Laboratory Berlin)
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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #47

[…] her favorite moment in the life of a tree: when it falls down. When it hits the ground and starts decomposing and goes back to the soil. […] There is no regeneration without degeneration. It’s really necessary that we let things rot.

Giuliana Furci, in: Let’s Become Fungal! Mycelium Teachings and the Arts, by Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez, 2023, Valiz, Amsterdam, p. 99.

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Art and Ecology Gathering in La Araucanía / 2nd galaFest

Collective Reading galaFest Bosque Pehuen

Kiosko was part of the second galaFest taking place in the protected conservation area Bosque Pehuén, Chile. Members from Latin America, Europe, and Asia of Green Art Lab Alliance (gala), an international platform that brings together initiatives contributing to environmental sustainability through creative practices, exchanged their practices in dialogues, sensory experimentation, and collaborative creations during the program (December 3-7, 2023).

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Harvesting and Futurecasting

Arts Collaboratory Assembly 2023:

With a smile and full hearts, we look back on ten inspiring days emphasised the vital role of constellations of resistance, solidarity, and radical imagination in and through the arts. The Assembly has once again shown us the importance of alternative and critical forms of networking, a fruitful model to collectively shape radical alternative presents and futures to come.

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