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Around a Tree – A marathon of voices to connect plants and people

From the perspective of plant life, what does climate justice mean?

Más Arte Más Acción (MAMA) presents an artistic public intervention in the Edinburgh Art Festival in partnership with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Together with the Colombian cultural foundation MAMA I will host encounters between visitors, artists and scientists co-creating a space to experience and discuss interconnections between humans and plants in times of rapid biodiversity loss.

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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #38 / Honorable Harvest

The traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous harvesters is rich in prescriptions for sustainability. They are found in native science and philosophy, in lilfeways and practice but most of all in stories, the ones that are told to help restore balance, to locate ourselves once again in the circle.

Robin Wall Kimmerer
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Learning with the More-Than-Human @DocFest Exchange

Skill in living, awareness of belonging to the world, delight in being part of the world, always tends to involve knowing our kinship as animals with animals…our fellowship as creatures with other creatures, things with other things.

Ursula K. Le Guin

In this online workshop, we will collectively develop an awareness of the more-than-human worlds around us. Practising attentiveness to life at all scales, we will see what other ways of knowing, doing, becoming and relating can be possible when we detach ourselves from an anthropocentric perspective.

Hosted by Alen Ksoll, Jamie Allan, Ko-Fan Lin, Sina Ribak on Zoom.

To register please click here.

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