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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #41 – Inbetweenery – in collaboration with La Intermundial Holobiente & Zabriskie

How does an ant perceive the smell of compost? This could be one of the more-than-human stories gathered in “The Book of the Ten Thousand Things” created for documenta15 by La Intermundial Holobiente. “Inbetweenery” is the proposal by artist Claudia Fontes, philosopher Paula Fleisner, and writer Pablo M. Ruiz to translate “intermundial” into English.

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Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #38 / Honorable Harvest

The traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous harvesters is rich in prescriptions for sustainability. They are found in native science and philosophy, in lilfeways and practice but most of all in stories, the ones that are told to help restore balance, to locate ourselves once again in the circle.

Robin Wall Kimmerer
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Collage reading with textîles – threading speculative archipelagoes at FRACTO 2021

FRACTO 2021’s theme “Appropriation” alludes to found footage and other practices of (re)contextualisation in experimental filmmaking. textîles approaches akin forms of creative (re)appropriation – weaving timelines, crossing archives, engaging with speculative fiction and worlding – while also taking critical and radical stances on predatory appropriation, extractivism, dispossession and restitution. This edition of FRACTO – Experimental Film Encounter features a parallel special program presented by Occulto in the ACUD Gallery space: textîles – threading speculative archipelagoes.

For the closing of this textîles episode, you are invited to a physical public collage reading, where theory, fiction, practices and poetry interweave in different languages. We are not experts on textiles, but share the desire to activate the archipelago for collective, nonlinear storytelling. A collage reading guided by Sina Ribak. textîles are: Filippo Bertoni, Alice Cannavà, Chiara Garbellotto, Sybille Neumeyer.

Sunday 24th of October, 17.00-19.00 at Acud Gallery. Entrance is free, but rvsp is mandatory.  https://www.occultomagazine.com/registration-textiles-at-fracto-2021/

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Imaginig an oceanic worldview – Tidalectics

To sense this world of waters known to the creatures of the sea we must shed our human perceptions of length and breadth and time and place, and enter vicariously into a universe of all-pervading water. For to the sea’s children nothing is so important as the fluidity of their world. It is water that they breathe; water that brings them food; water through which they see, by filtered sunshine from which first the red rays, then the greens, and finally the purples have been strained; water through which they sense vibrations equivalent to sound.

Rachel Carson, Undersea

Rachel Carson, Undersea, IN: Stefanie Hessler (ed.): Tidalectics – Imagining an oceanic worldview through art and science, TBA21-Academy, London, England, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2018.

Between Us and Nature – A Reading Club #26 – An Oceanic Worldview Reading Seascapes

tidalectics, ocean, seascapes, worldview

Last time we met, we became aware that forests are burning around the equator. On the raft of the Floating University we read about xapiri (images of mythological animal ancestors) trying to imagine a Yanomani worldview of the Brazilian Amazon. Why imagining an oceanic worldview? No forests could exist without the dust from the deserts, without the winds and oceans.