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Alchemic Cooking/ Workshop/ Matter of Flux Festival

Did you hear the tuber murmuring? Gathering in the kitchen we get a feeling of textures, smells, processes and relations involving potatoes, perennial herbs and other beings. While peeling potatoes, we work on our alchemic notebook and imagine conversations among tubers, rosemary, insects, herbalists, artists…

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OÌR SOMOS RÌO at a ‘book is a room where we can meet’

For the first time, the bilingual edition of OÍR SOMOS RÍO / Flussrauschen Flusslauschen initiated and edited by Magdalena Walpoth & Elkin Claderón is presented. At this occasion, Sina Ribak accompanies the collective reading enfolding within ‘a book is a room where we can meet‘ created by Jana Maria Dohmann & Nadine Vollmer | Kulturen des Kuratorischen. Illustration by Ana Delgado.

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